Easy retro-fit for Bathrooms

Heat your bathroom with underfloor heating

The first room you visit in the morning, the bathroom or en-suite is a popular area for underfloor heating installations and is often one of the busiest, well-used family spaces in the home.

Whether you are taking a quick shower before, work, or enjoying a long, relaxing bath in your own spa like sanctuary, stepping out onto a warm floor is always a luxurious experience, but doesn’t need to break the bank – it also adds a luxurious selling point to your property and attracts discerning buyers should you market it in the future.

Underfloor heating systems can be extremely efficient and can result in up to 10% savings on your home heating bill as you only heat the space when required. So even if your central heating is off during the warmer months, with an electric underfloor heating system, you can still enjoy a comfortable bathroom routine, even on a cooler summer’s morning.