Ideal for areas with high heat loss

Efficient systems for Conservatories

When it comes to heating a conservatory or building constructed in the garden, extending the supply from the central heating system in your home can be complicated and unnecessary when there are easier solutions available. It’s simple to create a comfortable environment all year round with an electric underfloor heating system, which can be tailored to suit any size space, even those which are awkwardly shaped.

If you have chosen ceramic tiles or slate, the floor can often be a little chilly – even on a cooler summer’s day. Electric underfloor heating is a great option as you can easily control the temperature from the thermostat, even when the central heating is off. So in the warmer months, you can set it lower to just take the chill off the floor – then in the winter, a 200 watt electric underfloor system, together with adequate insulation, can be used as a primary heat source to ensure that you can enjoy the space even on a snowy day!