Tiled Floors

Under Tile Heating systems from Bewarm™

Hard tile or stone flooring coverings have always been a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms, but are now emerging as an on-trend option for many other areas within the home.

Thanks to the materials’ thermal mass and high thermal conductivity, coupled with underfloor heating systems, these flooring covering choices can create a cosy yet practical solution. In addition, the radiant heat created doesn’t dry out the air in the space and throws up less dust, making it ideal for allergy sufferers and for use within hygienic kitchen spaces.

By simply selecting a different wattage, electric underfloor systems can meet differing needs – for example a 100 watt mat can be used to simply take the chill off cold floor tiles, while 150 watt mats can be used as a primary heating source – providing adequate insulation is in place. For areas of high heat loss, such as conservatories or garden rooms, a 200 watt mat system is ideal.