Wood Floors

Under Wood Heating systems from Bewarm™

Electric underfloor heating and wooden floors are a perfect pairing. Not only does underfloor heating allow for complete design freedom and provide constant warmth – when installed under a natural material, it also protects the floor from damaging hotspots which can occur with radiators and other heat sources.

Wooden floors are a practical choice for busy areas of the home, but also benefit those with allergies or asthma – underfloor heating also helps to lower humidity in the room thanks to its radiant heat, which reduces dust circulation further. In addition, thanks to the way underfloor heating solutions radiate heat, utility bill savings of up to 10% can be achieved.

Your choice of floor covering can affect the underfloor heating system selection and how it is installed. You can find out more about which systems would work with your chosen material, how to measuring up your space here.